Left click: Jump

Right click: Restart (two-finger tap on mobile) 

Green-power ups: Click again for double jump


Hello! My name is Nathan. Over the course of the past 30 days of coding, re-coding, and then re-coding, I came up with Dublin - A "Demo"stration. This is the very first project in Unity that I'm uploading, it's very buggy, doesn't look that great, and is kinda smelly. I've learned a lot over the past couple months with Unity and I'm learning at a pretty good pace (I think). I thought I would share with those who have been following what I've been doing the current state of my project. I'm planning over the next little while to work on visuals for this little project I made. Hopefully by the time I'm done with Dublin I'll be ready for an actual small game!  

Future Updates:

It's time to work on some visuals for this project. I'm thinking right now to add some effects to the player and to add effects for the portals and double jumps as well if all goes well. 

I also need to work on a UI for the game though I'll probably do that a bit later. 

Known Bugs: 

Stuck on side: it is fairly easy to get stuck on the side of the platforms. If this happens just restart. I'll patch it later

Stuck on turn blocks: There's a couple blocks that will stop you for no apparent reason. This is not supposed to happen /shrug.

Teleporter: The Teleporter will bring you to a part of the level that you arn't supposed to be in. Don't worry you can still beat the game but it needs to be patched

Diagonal jumps: Occasionally the player will jump diagonally off the level. Again I'll patch it in the future sometime

Social Media: 


I try to post regularly on my progress for the day on Instagram. If your interested, hit me up with a follow. 

New profile just so that I can easily upload the things I have been working on.  Stay tuned for more content in the days to come! 

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